Harvester Head Pressure Control

  • The ability to accurately control pressure is critical on forestry harvesters. One of the key measuring points is to control the pressure on the feeder rollers to obtain maximum speed and grip on the tree when send through the harvester head. Pressure transmitters are vital in this application to secure smooth operations.

    Benefits by Danfoss Pressure Transmitters
    • High burst and over pressure capabilities due to fully welded design
    • Resistant towards cavitation and liquid hammering 
    • Good vibration and shock stability
    • Excellent EMC immunity
    • Zero drift due to excellent long term stability 
    • Wide range of electrical and pressure connections
    • Wetted parts made of stainless steel
    Typical Specifications
    • Pressure range: 160 – 400 bar
    • Temperature range: -40 – 125 °C
    • Accuracy: 0.5% FS
    • Response time typically < 1 mS
    • Overpressure: 3 x FS
    • Burst pressure: 10 – 20 x FS
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  • Harvester head

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