Hydraulic Oil Reservoir

  • Hydraulic systems transform and transmit energy. During this process mechanical and hydraulic energy is lost and converted into heat. To control the temperature in the tank a MBT 3270 temperature sensor connected to the main controller ensures an optimal temperature being kept, ensuring reduction in downtime and decrease wear and tear.

    Benefits by Using Danfoss Temperature Sensors

    • Fast reaction time to temperature changes
    • Wetted parts stainless steel or Brass suitable for most media
    • Wide temperature range
    • Good vibration and shock stability
    • Wide range of electrical and process connections and insertion length
    • Common temperature sensitive elements, PT100, PT1000, NTC and PTC
    • Can also be used in high pressure hydraulic and transmission systems
    Typical Specifications
    • Temperature range -50 – 150 °C
    • Sensitive element NTC or PTC 
    • Reaction time in water 6 sec
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  • Hydraulic oil reservoir

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