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      Functional Safety in Machine Building With Danfoss P92S Sensor

      Danfoss new P92S SIL2 pressure sensor with built-in functional safety helps improve safety.

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      Products for Hydraulics

      Product specifications for our recommended pressure transmitters, temperature sensors and electronic pressure switches for hydraulic applications.

      Products for hydraulic applications
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      Hydraulic Applications

      Find relevant applications within mobile hydraulics and learn more about the benefits of using recommended Danfoss products in your application.

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    • Mobile hydraulic products - Danfoss

      Hydraulic Machinery

      Find your machinery and suited products within the mobile hydraulic industries; construction, forestry, agriculture and material handling.

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  • Products & Applications for Mobile Hydraulics

    Take a look inside practically any offhighway equipment and you’ll find components from Danfoss Industrial Automation playing a key role in saving fuel costs, reducing emissions and improving man-machine safety. But take another look around you, and you’ll find Danfoss hard at work in many more places. In fact, OEMs around the world count on us not only to enhance performance, but also to deliver bestin-class quality and product life cycle costs. As a global leader in electronic controls and hydraulic components, Danfoss is committed to both our customers and theirs, as well as the millions of people around the globe who depend on us every day to make modern living possible.

    Applied expertise drives innovative solutions
    Decades of close cooperation with OEMs have given Danfoss Industrial Automation unique expertise in how pressure and temperature sensors and switches enable improved performance and safety in all kinds of mobile equipment. We apply our expertise in controls for hydraulic systems and mobile equipment to innovate the solutions our partners are looking for, often in direct collaboration with their engineers, in many industries:

    • Construction 
    • Agriculture 
    • Mining 
    • Material handling and lifting 
    • Forestry 

    Pressure, temperature and fluid controls that make a difference
    We design the components that optimize temperature and pressure where they matter most to your mobile equipment’s performance. And we let you fine-tune the processes that deliver the best returns so your off-highway machines run smarter, faster and more efficiently.


  • Modern construction depends on large machines that operate flawlessly day after day

    Modern construction depends on large machines that operate flawlessly day after day. Avoiding downtime or faulty operation is critical. Maximize machine efficiency. Minimize lost revenue. Ensure operator safety and eliminate unnecessary damage to machines and their components.

    Danfoss sensors monitor and control multiple hydraulic functions to keep machines productive and efficient, while keeping operators safe.

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